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Truck Factoring For Truck Driver And Owner Operator

Invoice factoring is a great way to improve cash flow, prevent debt increases, and access assets for your business. It can also make customer financing a lot easier. At Love and Good Dispatching, we’re here to free up funding for your company in any way we can. Here’s how we can help you with our invoice factoring program.

What It Is


You may also hear invoice factoring referred to as accounts receivable financing. This is because it frees up money and assets that would normally be tied up in your accounts receivable. Rather than waiting for up to three months for customer payments, you can get your funds immediately when you let Love and Good Dispatching take care of the repayment.

Your Next Steps


If you’re considering financing via factoring, then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s easy to get started. First, you can request a quote and a free analysis from Love and Good Dispatching. Then, you’ll submit invoices and discuss the agreement with our invoice factoring specialists. Finally, we’ll schedule funding and provide it via a direct deposit or wire transfer. In some cases, you’ll be able to get expedited service to access your cash within 24 hours or less.

How It Helps


Your business can benefit in multiple ways from utilizing invoice factoring, including: •    


  • Consistent, reliable cash flow that is great for expansion and growth.

  • No upper limits, giving you unlimited funds.

  • Your credit doesn’t matter–factoring is based on your customers’ credit and payment history.

  • This strategy also allows you to get funds without adding any debt like you would do with a conventional loan.

Get the Cash You Need


Financing receivables is a viable way to obtain capital and grow your company without taking on any debts. Talk to an expert at Love and Good Dispatching about the details of our factoring programs and how you can receive a quote.

Factoring Request Form


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Turn your Freight Bills into cash in FAST.


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